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07 May 2012: Skipping Classes

Because it feels a bit like I’ve played truant today…


Time to bed (previous night): 22:00
Time got up (today): 04:30
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 4
Lunch 5


04:30 – Made an effort to get up, a part of my mind was telling me to rest after gym and heavy digging and levelling yesterday. Mental battle was won, I got up ready to head to the gym…
04:30 – Spent half an hour looking for my gym access card – could not find it
05:00 – High fibre porridge, orange juice
05:30 – Gym access card located in the bedroom, underneath my wallet
06:00 – Bus, meditate, nap.
07:00 – Long mac
09:30 – Morning walk, sliced banana, yoghurt, nuts and seeds
12:30 – Extended lunchtime walk via Jacob’s Ladder, wholemeal roll, lean roast beef and salad
18:00 – Meatballs, wholemeal pasta, tomato and veggie sauce
21:30 – Milk, bed




Actually it’s probably not a bad idea to be resting today, my back, legs and arms are a little sore and tired.

Overall though I’m really pleased with how I feel this morning – not so long ago a few hours heavy work in the garden would have taken me a week or more to recover from!

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