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07 nov 2013 – hey soul sister

another nice happy tune that popped up on my playlist this morning… and I’m very happy because I actually went out for a little run and felt fine afterwards…

that all bodes well for the trail run on sunday, but definitely a lesson to be learnt here; next time a chesty cough strikes, ease off and give it a chance to get better!

i’m still showing lingering symptoms – particularly a blocked up nose and accompanying nasally tone to my voice, but the cold has definitely done its work and has now disappeared.

onwards and upwards 🙂

02:15 – energy drink.
02:30 – run (see below)
03:00 – recovery shake
03:30 – cold & flu tablets, berocca, 1 x multivit, 3 x fish oil capsules, 1 x glucosamine
03:45 – cereal, 2 slices toast with vegemite. orange juice.
04:50 – bus, nap
05:45 – black coffee
09:00 – choc & cranberry trail mix
10:15 – short walk approx 1.5km
10:45 – orange
11:10 – corn & parmesan muffin
11: 30 – lunchtime walk – 8.35km –
13:00 – smoky bacon & tomato pasta
14:00 – red apple
14:45 – bus, nap
16:00 – toast & honey, cup of tea
18:15 – roast chicken, sweet corn & salad
20:30 – glass milk, 3 fish oil capsules, 1 night-time multi. bed


didn’t overdo it, just plodded along at a comfortable pace. no checking pace. Headed out in a direction that gave me options of just over 3km, just under 5km or approx 6.5km, pushed on past the 3km turning point and eventually settled for the 4.8km option.

Will rest tomorrow and Saturday, then take the 15km trail run on Sunday at an easy pace.

Here’s the stats – there appears to have been a bit of a satellite issue at the start LOL

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