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08 Jul 2013 – the spirit of man

well, what a busy weekend that was.

having stayed up late on friday (more technical issues), it was a relatively late start to saturday (about 8 or 9am I think). it had already been nominated as a “rest” day because I prefer using sundays for a long run unless other events make saturday more convenient.

the “rest” day included several hours of labour in the front garden, weeding and cleaning things up. we’re working towards putting our house on the market soon, hence the frenzy of activity to make the place look as attractive as possible!

sunday began at around 7am, and despite working hard the day before, I felt in great shape. that’s when I decided to do something a little different. sunday’s run was not dictated by time, distance or pace. I’d remembered spotting a riverside path while out on a marathon training run, so I decided to explore, just run at an easy pace, and keep going until the fun had worn off.

net result was a 14.78km run in 2:07:53 – then a 1.8km walk in 22:43 just to get me from where I’d stopped, to my front door (actually getting home is handy I find – top running tip, right there!)

the riverside section was as calm, serene, relaxing and enjoyable as I had imagined. must make the most of that section while we’re still living in this area!

the rest of the day saw more hard labour – cleaning the carport, mowing the lawns.

I didn’t wake until 4:15, so today (monday) is a rest day 🙂

04:15 – 2 eggs, bacon, tomato, 2 slices toast. orange juice
05:25 – bus, nap
06:15 – coffee
09:00 – coffee, vanilla pears in orange syrup
10:15 – almonds, pretzels & peanuts
12:00 – chef’s salad with vinaigrette dressing, sauteed potatoes and bacon. peaches, apricots & prune
13:15 – slice fruit loaf, butter
14:15 – bus, nap
21:00 – pizza & noodles*
22:30 – glass milk, bed

(*probably about time I explained that occasionally my eating patterns are a little bizarre. this is related to my spiritual practices, so on full and new moons you will usually find me not eating beyond lunchtime, then having a snack late evening)


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