happy new year

I had intended / hoped / planned to post at least once more in 2020, but alas it wasn’t meant to be…

It has to be said, I had a great final month or two, especially as I wound up having almost 2 weeks on leave at the start of December. I got some training in, including my first ever 100km ride, and I also got plenty of rest… with the knowledge that 2021 will be a busy year, with a lot of work to be done!

So, less than a week in, how’s the year going? It started with a swim (1.9km inside the 70.3 swim leg cut-off), a parkrun, and an interesting run-bike-swim-bike-run triathlon event… and then a couple of days of feeling smashed!

If I’m honest, my fitness isn’t where I would like it to be, I am finding it frustrating that I feel so shattered, but overall the spirit is optimistic and the mood is positive. The next 4 months will see several events, and hopefully a steady improvement in fitness, speed and stamina!

  • Jan 10th – Mandurah – Sprint distance
  • Feb 7th – Bunbury – Sprint distance
  • Feb 28th – Corrigin – Sprint distance (to be confirmed)
  • Mar 28th – Coogee Beach – Sprint distance
  • Apr 18th – Mullaloo – Olympic/standard distance
  • May 1st – Busselton – 70.3 (Half Ironman)

One thing I am going to need to focus on is getting back into running. Having come to triathlon as a runner, the irony now is that it is my weakest discipline. This is mostly because of not really doing any running!

Should be fun, and should result in a solid foundation of fitness and endurance on which to build for the full Ironman event in December…

I look forward to sharing details of progress with you 🙂