my posting activity mirrors training

so, what has happened since February? Short answer, not much, and yet so much…

firstly there was a fantastic weekend away in Corrigin with my Perth Tri Club club mates. A bit of a drive into the wheat belt, some great company, good food, beer, gin, and of course a training ride, and the Corrigin Triathlon.

I was feeling it for a week or so after that, but was back in training when I had a few weeks in a row of being ill, followed by a decision to pull the pin on Coogee Beach, Mullaloo and Busselton 70.3. The thinking behind this was to try to ensure a full recovery, and then to give myself every chance of easing into things and building slowly towards December (which remains the primary goal for the year).

a visit to the doctor in the middle of the period of illness was eye-opening; no iron deficiency, no other identifiable reason for low energy, aches and pains… except when I stood on the scales and discovered I was 20kg heavier than I thought. Yeah, no wonder the river loop hills were so challenging, and no wonder why running causes my whole body to hurt….

one hundred and fifty five kilos

to say that I have my work cut out over the next 6 months is a massive understatement, but on the plus side, at least I know where things are, and I know what has been achieved before. question now really is how much do I want to achieve my Ironman goal 🙂

so the plan is, now that I have had an entire 2 months of rest, is to follow the program for the next 26 weeks, restart the habit of regular journal/blogging, weigh myself regularly, and basically do all the things I did in 2012 to achieve the marathon goal!

  • jan 10th – mandurah – sprint distance done
  • jan 31st – rockingham – sprint distance. no bike due to bush fire done
  • feb 7th – bunbury – sprint distance postponed
  • feb 28th – corrigin – done
  • mar 28th – coogee beach – DNS
  • apr 18th – mullaloo – DNS
  • may 1st – busselton – 70.3 DNS
  • oct 17th – bunbury – olympic/standard distance
  • dec 3rd – busselton – ironman