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25 Jun 2013 – catch the rainbow

well, the codryl seems to be doing the trick! woke up just after 3 this morning and felt fine to head out for a bit of an easy recovery run.

the rain had just stopped when I slipped out the door and started hobbling, very slowly, around the 5km route…

my right thigh had a “dead leg” feel, which finally wore off after about 3km, which means the run did its job (I think!)

it’s probably got some deep-rooted connection to the fact I was a “goth” in my late teens, but I LOVE being out and about at 3am, hobbling softly through the dark, rain-soaked streets.

actually those two things (goth, and loving 3am) are probably just symptoms of the fact that I’m odd 🙂

anyway, lovely little “run”, and I slept well on the bus into Perth.

03:00 – 5 cal glucose tablet thing (hey, I bought them, I may as well use them). Glass of water
03:15 – 4.98km run – 48:49
04:35 – muesli, 2 slices toast with plum jam. orange juice
05:25 – bus, nap
06:15 – coffee
07:15 – cheese & crackers.
09:00 – almonds, pretzels & peanuts
10:30 – orange
11:30 – pasta, veggies, meatballs. chocolate cake
13:00 – raisin toast. mandarin.
14:15 – bus, nap
16:00 – bread & jam
19:00 – chicken biryani, naan bread
21:30 – glass milk, bed


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