a rest is as good as a change

I have just spent the weekend watching and cheering on club mates and other friends, at the Busselton 70.3 Ironman event. This is the one that normally takes place in May and was rescheduled to October thanks to the pandemic.

It was a brilliant weekend, and I really enjoyed watching people achieve personal goals, smash through barriers, and also the way everyone was so supportive of each other, with on and off the course.

I had originally booked time off work from Wednesday to Monday, as there was a chance that I might be taking part, as part of preparation for the December Ironman event. When that was cancelled, I cancelled the extended accomodation booking, settling for one night in Busselton instead. I left my annual leave booking in place though.

This left me with 2 full days of doing nothing before heading down to Busselton, and 2 full days of doing nothing after getting back. It has been absolute bliss!

Having caught up with a few household chores, I was able to fully relax, unwind and chill out before getting up at stupid o’clock on Friday to drive to Busso. The club tent was set up in next to no time, which provided an opportunity to grab coffee with head coach Anne, wander around the expo, and catch up with the PTC club members as they started to arrive.

Saturday was another early start, hanging out at the tent as the troops gathered, before wandering down to watch the swim starts, some of the swim exits, and then heading back to the tent. It was fantastic to see everyone putting in gritty efforts, especially as we were in prime position to see the pain and elation on their faces as they headed towards the end of each of 3 laps.

After hanging around after the finish, congratulating people on their achievements, and enjoying the last remnants of the event vibe, it was time to take down the tents – which was even quicker than putting them up! With my camp chairs loaded into the car, I then headed back to sunny Baldivis, I was tempted to join the crew for dinner in Dunsborough, but also liked the thought of sleeping in my own bed, and not having to drive (or do anything) the next day.

Sunday was exactly the day I anticipated – doing bugger all. Well, apart from the bit where I signed up for the 70.3 event next May… this was aided in part by Triathlon WA posting that registrations were open, but this wasn’t a whim – this is part of the plan!

And so today, Monday… another day of having nothing specific to do, and I have to say that after a tough couple of months, I am feeling the most relaxed, refreshed, alert and awake that I can recall for a very long time!

Must be time to get back to training huh?

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