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a weekend down south

just back from a weekend trip away. 200km or thereabouts each way, taking in house viewings (we’re planning to move down that way in the near future), winter festival (beer, food, good company and a huge bonfire) and generally being a little disconnected from everyday routine.

like any holiday, this mini break has left us extremely tired and in need of a holiday to recover 🙂

I went for a  run Saturday morning, before we set off down south. 3 laps of the 1.6km (ish) block that was originally designated as a “timing” block.

the route that took about 20 minutes to walk around with Marble, right at the beginning of it all.

total distance recorded by RunKeeper = 4.74km, time 32:59. Average about 11 minutes per lap (almost halving original time).

fastest kilometer = 6:30

also completed plank hold 30 day challenge, day 4 – 30 seconds

I’ll be doing day 5, 40 seconds, before going to bed tonight.

hopefully get a decent sleep and get fully refreshed. tomorrow is day 1 of the half marathon training, using this intermediate schedule.

The Sunday recovery runs will be (mostly) on Mondays for me, so I’ll be making a start tomorrow with a recovery run. Quite fitting really, as it will be a case of recovering from the weekend’s festivities 🙂

meanwhile, out there in running land, I bet you were all far better than me, putting in the work while I partied?


image courtesy of Creative Commons License Martin Fisch via Compfight

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