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be careful what you wish for

My wish for you

i don’t know if it’s a common thing. whether it’s something that personal development “gurus” simply brush under the carpet. perhaps it’s not something that happens a lot.

but i imagine it would be. it makes absolute sense to me that it would.

think about what a personal development “journey” is about

at its very core, it’s about change.

change of mindset.

change of perspective.

change of priorities.

change of values.

change of world view and life goals.

that’s a whole lot of change. for YOU.

so what about the world you built before the changes?

imagine this. a person with completely different values, perspectives, mindset and ambitions (quite possibly very negative mindset, and limited ambitions) creates himself or herself a life.

they fill that life with people, things, hobbies, interests, career choices and routines that suit their limited needs.

then imagine that you swap with them.

unless you are their identical twin, isn’t it highly likely that you would find yourself in a life that doesn’t serve your needs?

think about it. unless everything externally changes to match the internal changes, isn’t that potentially where you wind up on a personal development journey – living someone else’s life?

don’t you risk finding a “new you” that doesn’t particularly like or enjoy the life constructed by “old you”?

i know it happens – has it happened to you?

image courtesy Kait Marie via Flickr

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