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no more mr fat guy trail run training

hitting the trails

by and large, this week has seen things continue to get back on track. over 50kms have been logged, through a mixture of running and walking, and this is set to steadily climb over the next 6 months. the highlight of this week was the 24km trail run with some of my parkrun running buddies

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ok, let’s try that again…

it’s been a frustrating few weeks, just as I was getting back into the swing of things, I fell during an event and lost a couple of days as I recovered from that. then just as I was getting into the swing of things again, I had some horrible gastro virus thing come along and

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week commencing 8th september 2014

week 2 of post-op training (6 weeks after op itself), and things continue to head in roughly the right direction, training is getting back on track (with no major issues), eating is good, hydration is good, and overall my motivation is pretty good. the main issue of the week was probably trying to get back

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“pre-season” week 3 day 1

so yesterday was an epic fail, from the perspective of journaling at least… just so much going on with work, by the time I had eaten dinner last night, I was ready for bed! the day itself was fine; I kept up my walking regime, food was fine (hard not to be, I am on

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“pre-season” week 2 review

so we are now 2 weeks in and things are really starting to fall into place, and issues making themselves abundantly clear. weekend journaling and water intake – these are the issues that need addressing. the problem really is the way things are structured differently from week days. this actually is likely to be a problem

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2014-08-21: “pre-season” week 2 day 4

so there’s a bit of a theme this week with the weather. wet and horrible! I quite seriously would love to be out running in the rain, but for some reason the idea of walking in it just isn’t appealing to me. especially while keeping a cold at bay, and still recovering from the op…

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2014-08-20: “pre-season” week 2 day 3

the wet mornings continue, ruling out all walking until it brightened up a bit at lunch time. still, the routines and habits are falling into place  – can’t grumble! would be nice to run in the rain though! lol week 2 day 3 journal note: breakfast, lunch and dinner all part of lite n easy 1500 calorie

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2014-08-19: “pre-season” week 2 day 2

week 2 of “pre-season” continued with a lack of early morning walking action… again due to the weather, and while I love running in the rain, walking in it just doesn’t appeal anything like as much! that said, I was really pleased on a couple of fronts as the day progressed; first of all I resurrected a part

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2014-08-18: “pre-season” week 2 day 1

week 2 of “pre-season” started with a bit of a damp fizzle… thanks to a combination of an overnight thunderstorm, heavy rain when I woke up, and a preference for staying warm and dry while I try and keep a cold at bay… so no walk done in the morning, despite being awake as per my

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“pre-season” week 1 review

well that was fun! back into it after the op, and it was a really good feeling to be back in training mode, and to have a bit of a structure in place. my journaling and water intake fell apart a little at the weekend – that’s always been an issue for me actually – so I

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