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it’s happening. it’s really happening. this week. I fly in 3 days. I run in 6. The London Marathon. The London Marathon!!!!!!! Yes, I’m excited. I completed a long slow 16km taper run yesterday, I have 2 more runs on… Read More ›


oh what a difference a few days can make… first things first – my doctor suspects my ab/groin discomfort is due to a possible hernia. that has yet to be verified, and an ultrasound scan on march 24th will hopefully… Read More ›


As you will have spotted by now, I often use running as an analogy for other aspects of life – and talk about the lessons that running can teach us… Well today’s lesson has something to do with staying calm,… Read More ›


well it’s all been fun and games at NMMFG HQ! the technical issues with recording last week’s video led to me re-installing Windows 8 on the laptop. which led to lots of downloads occuring in the background for Windows Updates,… Read More ›

a thousand years

after a few weeks of disappointing long runs, I think I poured a lot of energy into getting yesterday’s right, and subsequently spent the remainder of the day recovering lol – so here’s details of both yesterday’s and today’s runs… Read More ›


So today’s schedule said “parkrun” – however, today I was a parkrun volunteer (more on that in a moment) so I ran a relaxed 5km locally before setting off. I didn’t worry about the pace, just relaxed into the run… Read More ›


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