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Feb 06 2012: Week 3

4:15am start to what is week 3 (already) of the “pre-season” period. It all kicks off officially with the 12 Week Challenge, and will then continue until I complete a marathon (and should pretty much have become an established lifestyle by that point!)


Breakfast: 1 cup of cereal (Just Right), skim milk (pre walk) 1 slice of dry toast with vegemite
Mid-morning: Low fat banana/muesli slice
Lunch: 12″ subway club with all salad, no dressing. On reflection I had half for lunch, saving other half for mid-afternoon
Mid-afternoon: Subway club part 2…
Dinner: Pasta, sauce made with turkey mince, lentils, olives and tomato


Plain, filtered water: 3200ml
1 small glass orange juice
long macchiato with 2 sugars
Glass skim milk


Usual walk with dog, completed in 15m 58s
Pre-walk: Stretching, warm-up and 10 push-ups (knees)
Train station to office – 1.5km
Down stairs from level 8, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon

Physical, Mood etc.:

Woke up in a superb state of mind. Raring to go for the week.
Noon: Feeling fab
10pm: Tired, ready for bed, another successful day


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