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Feb 11 2012: Lazy Start to Weekend

I was out last night at a “do” at a friend’s house – it went on later than I thought, then I got a flat tyre coming home. So it was well past midnight before I got to bed. Woke up this morning at a very lazy 5:25 lol. No gym today, Britt wanted me to have a break from that today and tomorrow so I have a bit of energy for use in tomorrow’s assessment. I did go for a walk on the usual dog walk route, and the time was suprising. I thought I’d gone round faster without the dog, however the stopwatch said 15:50, which is about the same.

Maybe riding 11km and walking 2km last night had a small impact there… in any case I completed the bike rides without any real suffering, and the walk this morning was equally pain-free. Can feel definite improvements in myself overall; those rowing machine sessions are doing their job!

Breakfast: Half wholemeal roll with vegemite (pre walk) other half of wholemeal roll with a fried egg (minimal amount of spray oil).
Mid-morning: Skipped because I knew it would be an early lunch, and a generous one at that.
Lunch: Picnic lunch with friends – minced turkey meatballs, falafel, salad, cheese, chicken pieces, fruit salad (cake temptation resisted)
Mid-afternoon: Asleep!
Family Dinner: pre-dinner nibbles (cheese, crackers, melon and grapes). Handmade chips, Chicken burger, poached peach and ice cream.

Plain, filtered water: 3500ml
1 glass orange juice (200ml)
1 beer stubby
1 can ginger beer
2 glasses red wine

Dog Walk: Completed usual dog walk route (sans dog) in 15m 50s

Physical, Mood etc.:
Morning: 5:25am Mentally great, physically fine, eager to get up and go for a walk!
Lunch – The late night and early start caught up – very tired and slept for an hour or more in the afternoon
Night – Quite late back from family dinner – tired. Felt good about some of the good decisions made at dinner

Overall I was pleased with the day; it was always going to be a challenging one with a lunchtime picnic and family dinner. Main wins were replacing cake with fruit, and only having 1 beer before dinner. I was also pleased that I was able to say “enough” after the first burger (made with chicken breast) and not yield to the temptation of trying the beef ones, no matter how delicious my brother-in-law had made them!

The plan to have just 1 red wine faltered, and the beer should have been replaced by water rather than ginger beer. Still, I was pleased that I’d headed in the right general direction.

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