food focus february

well, reality is there hasn’t been a food focus in the first half of the month, I just liked the alliterative post headline 🙂

but, in truth, there /is/ something of a focus on food at the moment… with training being mostly ok, and heading in the right direction, the excess kilos are really getting into my thoughts, and honestly I thought I was doing pretty OK, and was genuinely surprised that clothes haven’t started getting loose on me.

so I did a quick scan of some typical lunch food items today – packet of chicken salad sandwiches, a reasonably healthy drink (not water, but also not sugary fizzy drinks, or even artificial sweetener), and a couple of snack/treat items… imagine my shock when lunch / afternoon tea racked up 1300 calories!

OK, so I can see what has been happening here… it’s not like things have been terribly unhealthy, but calories have been rushing in through the lunchtime / workplace avenue, and blowing away any hopes of a calorie deficit.

I was actually checking that because I recently took the decision to go through another reset-style process with Usana. While I am definitely an advocate of resetting habits and not hoping for shortcuts from miracle pills, I’ve been a long-term fan of Usana products (they were one of my sponsors when I went on my big adventure) and wanted to get some of their shakes in anyway as they are great for post-training recovery.

So the delivery arrived sooner than expected, and today was my first in a 4 week period of replacing 2 meals with a shake – but I hadn’t got organised for healthy snacks and lunch. Hence doing a quick check on MyFitnessPal to see how things stacked up!

Despite the lunchtime blowout, things are looking fairly respectable today, and there’s been no sign of cravings etc. Obviously there are things to be tweaked in order to maximise this 4 week period, but the mind is definitely in the right place, and determined to maximise my training, and my chances of hitting the required paces for the 70.3 run and bike legs.

Oh that reminds me, better get a battery for my scales…

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