in the beginning part two, take two

so… there’s been a long time between posts, some umm-ing and ahh-ing over how this blog would (or would not) be resurrected, some to-ing and fro-ing in relation to strategy and approach, some pressure trying to fit in work, life, training and blogging… and of course, a global pandemic hit in early 2020 and changed everyone’s life…

let’s skip past the details of everything above, and deal with the here and now, the reality, the conclusion, and the current thinking around the way forwards… i finally got back to this site, and you will notice that i have revived “no more mr fat guy”; it’s the spirit of the original “lifestyle reboot” and it’s a persona that i am actually quite comfortable with. so that was decision numero uno – nmmfg is back!

so what to include? blogs? vlogs? instagram photos? strava links? daily journals? well… this weekend just gone, i deactivated all my social media. yup, the guy who “crossed australia taking selfies along the way” deactivated facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin and removed the apps from his phone. is it easy? of course not, and i’m still in cold turkey mode, but after almost 10 years of posting to those platforms, feeling myself almost obliged to develop strategies and a business model around, and generally getting increasingly annoyed with the platforms and the way they made me feel – bam! they are gone…

and in that act, i think the new era is summed up. yes i want to blog, yes i want to document some things in the hope that it might help or inspire someone else, but i want simplicity… i want peace, calm, quiet, non-stressy, non-bullshit blogging about what i want, when i want and how i want…

so here it is, post number 1 of the new era, and after all the above is said and done, i suppose i should talk about where things stand with respect to training. Busselton ironman became the latest victim of covid-19 this weekend just gone, the western australian border is shut, and west aussies are mostly loving that fact, it unfortunately makes it harder for major global events to happen here. that’s life i guess!

i am probably in the minority, but i was actually quite pleased about the cancellation – we got a free deferral to 2021, and now have 15 months to get ready instead of being in the final 3 month countdown. sure, i have trained over the past year and a bit, but honestly, with work and life generally, training and nutrition have been somewhat sub-standard. just being honest.

after the cancellation email came in, i immediately started to map out the next 15 months, and also acknowledged that this was the last chance; i have to do this properly, and i won’t be getting another chance. fair enough 🙂

November 1st will see me taking part in my first olympic / standard distance triathlon – 1.5km swim, 40km ride, 10km run. it means i can reduce my swim sessions (currently 2 hours covering 2.5km to 3km in total), keep the bike rides about the same (thursday river loops are 42km approx), and put a bit of focus on building the run/walk component (i honestly can’t remember the last time i properly ran or ran/walked more than 5km).

from there the focus will be on building my fitness, getting back on track with nutrition, losing the weight, getting back into being a runner, and then hitting 2021 ready to spend 11 months building towards the full ironman…

i will of course journal this process along the way – but be warned, it’ll probably be unstructured, it’ll probably be haphazard at times, and it may also veer into other topics and subjects (i can already feel a desire to mention some efforts i’ve made with minimalism, for example).

hopefully the net result will be entertaining and/or useful to someone, but most importantly, hopefully i will enjoy posting here again 🙂

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