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Lynn – Weight and Run

next up in the shit-sorter files is a new friend who I connected with on Facebook just after my own marathon success and in the lead-up to her own first ever marathon.

it’s been brilliant to watch the build-up, sense the excitement and see the aftermath of the achievement…

ok, so can you tell everyone who you are, what you do, where do you come from?

weightandrunMy name is Lynn. I’m 41 and a wife and mum of 3 imperfectly perfect children.

I’m originally from a small town in NSW, lived in Scotland for 3 years, but call Brisbane home (always knew I was a city girl)

Work-wise, I’m a PART_TIME high school teacher…come do my job and you’ll understand the emphasis on part-time!

cool – can you share a little about your journey? what motivates you?

Setting an example for my children would be one of my greatest motivators; however, the continuing journey to find myself is the other. Every run, no matter how long or short allows me to have ‘me’ time where I can think through my problems and appreciate what I have and what I have achieved. Now for the honesty part, running helps me keep my weight down so I feel so lucky that I love it so much

what kicked it all off – what was your “enough is enough” moment?

I saw a photo of myself when my 3rd child was a few months old. There was another girl in the photo who I always thought was bigger than me in real life, but, this photo proved that I was wrong. It was the biggest shock to me. I wanted to be healthy and play with my kids.

where do you see this all leading, what’s your goal?

My long-term goal is to continue being a healthier and happier version of me. My running goal is out there somewhere. I just know that I haven’t quite got there yet.

in terms of your journey to date, how it’s gone for you?

I started on my weight loss journey just over 9 years ago (the actual timing is a bit obscure because until recently I pretended that me didn’t exist). I lost 20kgs in a year but then put a fair bit back on after my dad died.

Since I have had kids I have always been up and down. About 6 months ago I gave up a well-known weight loss plan and decided to go it alone. In the last few months, I have just made healthy choices and voila! The best thing I ever did.

My healthy eating has helped with my running BIG TIME…Over these 9 years I have competed in various race distances – 4km, 5km, 8km, 10km, half marathons and now a full marathon. I have also completed enticer and sprint distance triathlons but running is what I love best.

what would you say has been biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is making sure that I make sure I choose the healthy option and not be lazy when it comes to meal plans even when I am exhausted

and what would you say has been your biggest achievement (I think I know the answer to this one)?

Besides giving birth 3 times, my biggest achievement was finishing my first full marathon on the 7th July 2013 at the Gold Coast. I trained my butt off (literally) and managed to surprise even myself with a finishing time of 4:04:59.

I always said I wasn’t good enough to ever do a full marathon because I was never a runner. Well, now I am one of the crazy marathoners that I had only ever dreamed of being.

congratulations on the marathon! overall then, what impacts have you seen in your life since you headed down this road?

Running and weight loss have had such a positive impact on my life. It gives me a confidence that I always lacked in that I believe in myself and that I am worthy of my achievements. I know that even if I fall of the wagon, I’m more than capable of getting myself back up.

Also, being able to share stories with like-minded people is incredible.

what would you say are the greatest benefits?

Definitely the health benefits are worth it, but the greatest benefit of what I do has such a positive benefit on me mentally; I never want to go backwards.

and what would be the downsides?

Probably the biggest thing is tiredness. As much as I try not to, it impacts my family. Whether it is just because I am grumpy or lazy with meals, they are still my biggest supporters and encouragers.

with the time, effort and life changes required, do you have any tips on staying motivated?

I keep a training diary and always make sure I have a plan right up until an event. There is nothing worse than the feeling of having to make changes and mess up my diary (yes, I have issues…lol).

It keeps me on track that way.

I also tell myself when I am tempted by something bad-food like that I didn’t get up at 4.30am to run however many kilometres to stuff my face.

It works for me!

finally Lynn, if you were able to say one thing to people considering a significant life change, or setting out to achieve an equally huge goal, what would it be?

If you dream it, you can achieve it. Imagine yourself the way you want to be and what you want to do. For example, I pictured myself in the outfit I wanted to wear doing my marathon and then imagined the feeling of running across the finishing line. I alone made it happen…


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