men, mice, and the art of planning

No mice (or men) were harmed in the making of this blog post – nor are they really involved, except as part of a humorous title, chosen as a less boring alternative to “my plan for the next phase” or something similar…

So with that said, this week has seen a return to relative normality, after a couple of months of slacking off! My Garmin is kindly telling me that I’ve been “de-training”, and I am sure it will take more than one week of activity to get back to “productive”, but that’s the idea…

Fully rested after the long weekend around Busso 70.3, this week I have achieved 3 main things; swam, rode and walked on multiple occasions, paid attention to what I was eating, and made a conscious effort to drink a little more water. Sleep was also a focus (getting to bed on time), but that’s almost been a by-product of the other items.

So 2 rides, 2 swims, and a walk off the bike after ride 1 was the net result, and has kick-started things back into action. Having chatted to coach, Anne, at Busselton, the aim for the next 8 weeks is to do 2 runs, 2 rides and 2 swims, no pressure, no detailed plan, and fitting them in as my schedule allows. I see this as a sort of “pre-season” build to the real training cycles that will kick in between December and May, then May to December…

Those two phases correspond, of course, to the half ironman 70.3 event in May 2021, and the full ironman event in December 2021. Both are in Busselton. After all the chaos that has come out of 2020, it’s nice to have a clear, logical path spreading out in front of me!

Not wishing to tempt fate, but with things on the work front settling down again, my head back in the game, and a couple of really amazing goals for me to achieve, I am going to make 2021 the best year yet.

Starting now 🙂

One thought on “men, mice, and the art of planning

  • Wow your blogs are so deep…who knew you had that in you :). In all seriousness I am absolutely blown away with your honesty and showing such vulnerability. Makes me love you even more.

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