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off to a flying start

a decent start to things was made yesterday. amongst everything else, I started to sketch out a rough plan of how I might fit things in. one of the key decisions was to aim to get back in the habit of going to bed at 9pm. this worked for me before, and hopefully will give things a boost this time around as well.

overall I was very happy with the way the day panned out, made a conscious effort to move more and make good decisions in relation to food etc.

finishing the day with a 400m intervals session was great too!


5am – wake up

8am – work

6pm – training

9pm – bed


breakfast – bowl of muesli with hi-lo milk and coffee with a splash of milk – got quantities wrong, had too much museli!

mid-morning – fruit salad, long mac topped up

lunch – pork, noodles, veggies in a clear soup – all fresh

mid-afternoon – banana and yoghurt

dinner – chicken and salad

water – approx 2l


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