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These galleries will help chart the progress visually…

February 22nd 2012

Amazingly, these photos were taken after the initial “pre season” period and just over a week of regular gym training. I’d already lost approximately 5 to 6 kg at this stage. (First 3 photos)

March 13th 2012

Second row of 3 photos taken after a month of regular gym training. Certainly some visible signs of progress, not quite as clear as the feeling of being much fitter and thinner though. Dropped about 4 notches on the belt now!

April 18th 2012

Third row of 3 photos taken after doing a revised gym routine for just over a month (lots more weights work, more rowing etc.) Showing signs of contours, shadows and even the edge of the rib cage!. Have had to buy a new (smaller) belt…

May 26th 2012

Fourth row of 3 photos taken 4 months in – front and side views show progress a bit, however it’s the shaping of the back that makes me go “wow”

August 2012

Fifth row of 3 photos taken 7 months in – you can see some physical changes, what you can’t see is the improvements in fitness levels and health!

September 2013

Sixth row of 3 photos taken 20 months down the track – the marathon has been done, I’ve embraced running as an ongoing passion and the weight is slowly moving from 122kg down to 100kg (roughly 117kg at the time of the photos)

What the pictures DON’T reveal though is the stuff I REALLY love about the changes – the changes in mindset, perspective, energy levels, outlook on life, the love of running, the change in direction and so much more.

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  1. Looking awesome mate! I was at Walkabout Wellness when you were doing your first fitness test :) Congrats on all your hard work :)

    • Hi Brooke – thanks!

      Will hopefully get a blog post up soon about yesterday’s half marathon – and now just 4 weeks away from achieving the original goal set of completing a full marathon.

      Not that it’s going to end there of course!

      How’s things going with your own health/fitness efforts?

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