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race of destiny

The title of this post comes from a song I have recently stumbled on, along with the lyrics of that song, it seems apt, if not a teeny bit melodramatic…

In just 2 days from now, I will be taking part in my first triathlon; it’s a baby one, with 250 metre swim, 10km bike ride and 2km run. It’s the novice/enticer event, and the distances are the same as the junior event… the ride and run are well within my comfort zone, however the swim is a different matter entirely, as is stringing all 3 things together and getting the transition area setup (and the actual transitions) right…

party like it’s 2013

the overall feeling is the same mix of nervousness and excitement that I had in June 2013, just before my first marathon. I know from that experience, and many more since, that it’s a case of turning up at the appointed time, taking the first step, and then maintain that forward momentum until it’s done.

It’s a little unexpected, I only signed up for the Perth Triathlon Club novice course as a way to mix up training after the Australia Day Ultra; my plan was to give triathlons a go after Gold Coast marathon in July. Those who have followed my journey in the last few years will not be surprised to hear that what /actually/ happened is that I signed up for Mullaloo Triathlon novice distance, and also the Hillarys Triathlon Sprint distance (750m / 20km / 5km) a week later…

the training has been done

there really isn’t much more I can do to be physically ready for Sunday’s event. thanks to the PTC course coaches (Rob, Slim and Michelle) there has been some great progress with my swimming, bike riding and running fitness. Nothing I do between now and Sunday can boost that significantly, so it’s a case of “business as usual” and trusting the training.

we do have a “race simulation” session tomorrow that will no doubt help prepare for the practicalities of event day, but I think they key really will be to not panic, relax, take my time and above all else enjoy the whole experience.

a new era well and truly established

In another parallel with that first marathon, I already know that these initial steps along the triathlon path are significant. I feel incredibly excited (and scared) about setting a full 140.6 Ironman goal, and already have a couple of new training buddies who are keen to work towards a 70.3 half ironman next year.

I find that having goals really helps bring so many different things into line, and this will all no doubt translate to even more improvements to health, fitness, nutrition, mindset and life in general.

I look forward to seeing where this next chapter leads – next stop Mullaloo. Watch out for the recap once I’ve recovered and (hopefully) celebrated…



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