so this is me now

nothing has really changed since I last posted here. sad really, and I am not 100% sure what’s going on…

events that were scheduled to happen have been allowed to become “DNS” (did not start), training has been non-existent, and I appear to have “successfully” returned to a coach potato state!

sure, there’s “reasons”, excuses I can make, but the reality is that most people have similar occurrences and responsibilities in their work and personal lives, and it’s really all just been a failing in terms of prioritisation, and finding balance.

based on past experience, I know that failure to prioritise and/or procrastinating over things is generally a sign that motivation or “mojo” is lacking.

I’m in the middle of a week’s leave from work, which has given me the chance to reflect, regroup and draw a line in the sand. time to get things moving in the right direction again – this time without the pressures of Ironman and the like…

yes those things will remain as long term goals, but for now it’s time to rediscover enjoyment of running and triathlon, sticking to shorter distances, and getting back at least some of the fitness I had a few years ago!

obviously having a goal is useful, which is why I am targeting the Corrigin Triathlon in March 2022 as my “comeback” event. it’s about the right amount of time in the future, it will be my tri club’s official event as part of interclubs, and also an excellent weekend away that I look forward to doing again!

so, here we go again…

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