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hot sweaty hard work

bit of a late start today – woke just before 3am (I think, can’t remember now)

the day started with a 4 minute plank. it was supposed to be a 4.5 minute plank, but there was just no way i could hold that last 30 seconds.

still, have another crack later, or tomorrow morning…

then it was outside for the 5 x 400m intervals. i have to say, i don’t necessarily enjoy them at the time, the breathlessness, feeling like i am slowing up too quickly, feeling as though i should somehow be trying harder – well, it throws up memories of school, put it that way.

and then i surprise myself, when i check the data.

ok, first up, there is definitely scope for me to be pushing right to the end. i AM slowing up too early, as can be seen from the way the pace chart tapers up towards the end of each 400m “hard” running segment.

BUT… at the lowest point in the “hard running” troughs, i am getting down to 4.2 mins per km (interval 1), 4.4 mins per km (interval 2), increasing all the way to a low of 4.5 mins per km in the 5th and final interval.

so there’s a bit of speed in there that i can work with – think i need to focus on pushing right to the end of each interval next…

overall i think it’s doing me good

despite how i feel at the time (that i’m too slow, running out of breath too early etc.), i think it IS doing me good overall. just have to be patient and keep at it 🙂

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