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03 Oct 2016 – Rip It Up And Start Again


so today was my first day back on lite n easy – if you’re wondering why, the answer is simple; it makes it very easy for me to get portion control right, ensure a good balanced food intake, and start making progress on weight and health once more.

in recent days I have also started mixing up my training again, having joined a gym near my work and aiming to do some core and body weight stuff at home too.

I have also been pondering the future; what happens after Australia Day Ultra 100km?

to start with I was looking at adding even more distance, possibly attempting 100 miles (approx 160km), however it was pointed out to me that distance running is fast becoming my comfort zone. yes it’s an amazing thing to be doing, yes I love trails and pushing myself with the long stuff, and yes I love the community I am now part of. but I want to be faster, fitter, leaner and better…

so my training needs a revamp, I need to combine endurance with strength work, and shorter, sharper, faster, more intense sessions. I need to work on areas that have not been stretched or pushed by long distance plodding. I want to get back to sub-60 10km, 25 minute parkrun, get my marathon time under 5 hours, and set myself up to have a real chance of running 100 miles, perhaps even 200km or more…

and for now (well, the middle of next year), that means switching focus away from longer distances and doing more varied, more intense training. I want to add in more cycling, and I want to get back to something I loved as a kid, but have lost all ability for since as long as I can remember…. swimming.

and I want to do something that is just as scary and exciting as the day I announced on the blog that I was going to lose weight and complete a marathon. I want to unveil another “secret ambition”, something that has actually been there for a couple of decades at least….

in January 2012 I started on a journey of weight loss, of personal development, of improving my health and fitness, I did so with a huge goal in mind, and a real sense of purpose and excitement to be embarking on the journey.

today, October 2016, I have that same sense of dread, fear, excitement and passion as I embark on another phase of the journey, again wanting to make huge improvements in myself, to my health and to my fitness.

I am going to run the 100km ultra in January, complete London Marathon, take part in the Gold Coast Marathon, and then…. begin my journey to triathlon. and hey, if you’re going to set a multi-sport goal, then why not go for the big one; Ironman (eventually) ….

Oh my good lord what have I gone and posted on the internet now? 🙂

Food Diary for Oct 3rd 2016



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