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10 Oct 2016 – Don’t Speak


so I guess this is week 2 of tightening up the routines and habits – and it got off to a great start with a light / recovery session at the gym. a total of about 2.5km on the rowing machine, interspersed with stretching, push-ups and planking. after covering about 40km at the weekend, it was good to get the blood pumping gently, while also having time OFF feet!

the weekend brought a few insights and learnings, but more on that in another post!

daily schedule

4:15am – woke up feeling fairly good to go, had coffee while getting ready

5:15am – bus into Perth, grabbed a short nap

6:00am – gym:

07:15 – lite n easy breakfast – ham, 2 eggs, tomato, 2 pieces wholemeal toast. strong coffee with 2 sugars

10:00 – planned to get out for a walk break but work got in the way – must try harder!

12:30 – lite n easy lunch – mixed spinach salad, croutons, roast chicken breast. sweet pineapple bites

13:45 – 3km walk break

15:00 – lite n easy apple crumble

16:45 – lite n easy beef satay mini meal

18:15 – bus, short nap

20:30 – mccain meatballs and spaghetti dinner

21:00 – cup of tea, milk, 2 sugars

23:00 – bed – tired but not overly


Food Diary for Oct 10th 2016



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