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16 Oct 2016 – moon shadow


well that was a busy week, generally stayed on track with training and eating, and now finishing the week with a 12km night trail run (last night) and a scheduled  26k run to squeeze in at some point today.

a few small changes have occurred in the past few weeks, and the net result is looking (and feeling) very positive. these changes have included a short back to using “lite n easy” (breakfast and lunch), making efforts to move more in the day, drink more water (needs more work), and more recently using the heart rate monitor to keep my runs within the aerobic zone.

the last bit follows some very interesting reading in a book entitled “Primal Endurance” and, as the book predicted, ensuring my long runs don’t drift into “threshold” territory has led to reduced fatigue, better recovery and more enjoyment of the training in general.

if nothing else, simply having this increased focus on how I eat and train is helping tighten things up, put things on track, and giving me the very best chance of achieving a number of goals in the few months (i.e. World Masters marathon, Six Inch Trail marathon, Australia Day Ultra 100km)

daily schedule

06:30 – woke up feeling well rested and recovered after last night’s run

07:30 – lite n easy breakfast – fruit, yoghurt and honey almond crunch, piece of toast with apricot jam. coffee


Food Diary for Oct 16th 2016


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