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17 Mar 2013 – Time Warp

due to various reasons, some technical, some not-so-technical, it’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote a journal entry.

so this one will be a bit of a quick recap and catch-up!

march 6th and 8th

the usual wednesday row, thursday rest and friday treadmill jog…


march 10th

I had the usual rest day on the saturday, then hit the local streets for a 13km jog on the sunday morning… all went reasonably well. Cardio system all fine, had plenty of puff. Ran out of legs literally in the last couple of kilometres,

All “issues” related to mechanical (joints and bone jangling) and fuel (no energy left in my legs).


march 12th

I slept right through to 4:30 on monday 11th, my body obviously needing the rest.

I therefore did the usual monday gym session on tuesday 12th (see below).

Subesequently I felt as though a cod or something was lurking in the background, and wound up sleeping through again on wednesday and thursday mornings.


march 15th

friday’s treadmill session more or less confirmed that I was not 100%. I was able to jog at 8km/h for about 2km, after that it was 500m/500m jog/walk intervals.


march 17th

after saturday’s rest day, things felt much better on sunday morning. this week’s long run was 16km (10 miles), and when I mapped it out online it started to look a bit daunting!

in the end, it was a very similar experience to the previous week’s run. it generally went well, with the last couple of kilometres highlighting mechanical and fuel issues. Once again, I had plenty of “puff”, so I am very confident now that I am fit enough for the marathon, and that completing it will come down to preparation and physical/mental endurance on the day.

It’s also dawning on me that while 8km/h is a pace I can hold for shorter distances – these long distance jogs generally end up being more like 7km/h, or just under!

I’m happy with that – as long as I finish the full 42.2km course, I’ll be happy. I can work on improving times later!


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