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17 oct 2013 – acapella

today is day 1 of week 1 of an 8 week plan, designed to hit a PB over 10km.

the plan has been provided by Ian at Run Around The World – the basic format of each week is an intervals session, a long run, then a second intervals session.

for me, intervals session 1 will be thursdays, long run sundays, intervals session 2 on tuesdays. i do it that way, so i keep sunday as long run day.

i will be deviating from the plan slightly, because my first two long runs will be a 15km hill run and the 20km of tough mudder – the plan calls for 5km and 6km long runs – but tough mudder (and the preparation) has to take precedence 🙂

i wasn’t too bothered about session 1, 6:00 per km pace is something I know I can do now. session 2 is 5:00 per km pace, and by the time we get to week 8 it goes as low as 4:30 per km.  eek!

but by now i know that these things can be done, just persist, focus and keep on keeping on!

i should be able to blitz that school cross country course in december LOL.

02:15 – 1km intervals (see below)
03:45 – 1 x Berocca, 3 x fish oil capsules, 1 x glucosamine tablet, 1 x men’s one-a-day multi-vitamin. protein shake. orange juice
04:50 – bus into perth. 30 minute nap.
05:45 – black coffee. muesli, 2 slices of toast with tomato and melted cheese
08:15 – small orange.
12:15 – 4.5km walk
12:45 – sesame beef noodles
13:15 – vanilla yoghurt
13:45 – red apple
14:15 – bus, nap.
15:45 – toast & honey
18:15 – sausage, haloumi, tomato & capsicum kebab skewers & rissonni
20:15 – glass milk. 3 fish oil capsules. 1 night-time multi-vitamin

1km intervals

no abs this morning, I wanted to conserve all energy for the 1km intervals – abs will be done later…

as for the 1km intervals – not as bad as feared, and quite enjoyed it!

basically I did a 10 minute warmup, which clocked up about 1.33km – then the 5 x 1km intervals with a 60 second rest in between.

as you will see from the stats, I was able to stay below the target pace of 6:00 per km – probably averaging closer to 5:55.


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