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20 Mar 2013 – King of the Faeries

up nice and early again today – have decided that Monday will now count as the Thursday rest day, so continued with the usual Tuesday session today, with the long row tomorrow and the usual treadmill run on Friday.

increased the weights a little, chucked in some decent row times and even managed to “plank” for a minute. Good session methinks!


Time got up (today): 02:30
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 5
Night 5


02:30 – jatz cracker, glass water
02:45 – gym (see below)
04:45 – cheese omelette, 2 slices toast, orange juice
05:25 – bus, nap
06:00 – 3km riverside walk
06:30 – few almonds & dates
07:45 – black coffee
09:30 – nuts, cranberries, banana
12:00 – lunchtime walk, salt and pepper squid salad
15:00 – bus, nap
15:30 – cup of tea, hot cross bun
18:00 – crispy noodle, chicken and ham frittata
21:00 – glass milk, bed



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