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2014-08-19: “pre-season” week 2 day 2

week 2 of “pre-season” continued with a lack of early morning walking action… again due to the weather, and while I love running in the rain, walking in it just doesn’t appeal anything like as much!

that said, I was really pleased on a couple of fronts as the day progressed; first of all I resurrected a part of my daily routine that had fallen by the wayside (a short mid-morning walk), secondly I clocked almost 5km along the river at lunchtime. so the daily KMs target was achieved.

week 2 day 2 journal

note: breakfast, lunch and dinner all part of lite n easy 1500 calorie pack. at least 1.5l of fresh cold water consumed across the day.

03:30 – meditation, reflection, planning

04:00 – breakfast – Creamy Almond & Vanilla Oats. Two slices of Multigrain Toast with Butter and Plum Jam. orange juice

05:00 – bus, 30 minute nap

06:00 – coffee, 2 sugars

09:00 – short walk (was less than the 1.8km shown, GPS error) –

10:00 – peach cup

10:30 – cup of tea, 2 sugars

12:00 – 4.8km riverside walk  –

13:15 – Pumpkin Soup and Ciabatta Toast with Butter. Red Apple

14:30 – Ricotta Spinach Cake

15:00 – cup of tea, 2 sugars. Apple & Sultana Pancake

16:15 – bus, nap

18:00 – spaghetti marinara

20:30 – glass milk, bed


2 responses to “2014-08-19: “pre-season” week 2 day 2”

  1. sara says:

    i have yet to run in the rain, but i’m not adverse to the idea. but, i live in Texas, USA, so it’s pretty hot and dry here most of the year.

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