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24 Jun 2013 – love missile f1-11

got back out on the streets on sunday, which was nice. runkeeper played up, reporting that I’d done 2km and 3km at the 1.5km and 2km mark respectively. despite what the splits say, I didn’t really hit 23 km per hour!

measuring the route using google maps, I managed 8.6km in 1:17:52 – I didn’t push things, focused on enjoying the run and even went the whole distance music-free (didn’t get bored, didn’t need it to drown out any demons etc.)

plan is to keep sunday (or the occasional saturday where necessary) as a long-ish run day – it’s the most convenient day for it, will fit in with any specific training schedules, and I actually enjoy it now.

today though – there’s a bit of a cold bug in the house at the moment (thanks to 4 year old mini-me). Didn’t feel 100% heading to bed last night, so dosed up on codryl. Woke up feeling a bit better this morning, but decided to make it a rest day (briefly tossed around the idea of doing a few easy kilometres).

dosed up on codryl again, fell asleep straight away on the bus – doing all I can to stop the cold from taking hold!

04:35 – creamy almond & vanilla oats with strawberry compote. slice of toast with apricot jam. orange juice
05:25 – bus, nap
06:15 – coffee
08:15 – coffee. vanilla yoghurt.
09:30 – spiced fruit cookie, apple & cranberry fruit mix
11:30 – corn chips, mexican chicken, melted cheese, tomato salsa. vanilla pears in orange syrup
13:30 – hokkien stir fry noodles. spinach & ricotta cake
14:15 – bus, nap
15:30 – bread & jam, cup of tea
18:00 – chicken, mash potato, corn on the cob, sugarsnap peas. small piece strawberry cheesecake.
21:30 – glass milk, bed


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