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24 mar 2016 – return of the journal

well it’s been a while, but now seems to be a good time to get the daily journal activity happening again. after several stuttering starts to training, sloggin my way through a 50k ultra with little training, and more recently a hilly half marathon with practically no training, i finally accepted what had i had known for some time; it’s time to knock the longer distance stuff on the head for a while, do some shorter and faster stuff, release some of the pressure and get back to having fun with the running.

it’s also time to put some focus back on the diet and other habits – my weight has slowly crept back to 125kg, which is 10kg heavier then I was at my lightest, though (thankfully) still 20kg or more away from where i used to be!

my current goal is to focus on a sub-60 minute 10km training plan, it’s one i have used with success before, and ticks a number of boxes; shorter and fewer sessions, more speed work, and because it is a big change from what I am doing currently it brings the fun back.

the plan consists of two 1km intervals sessions per week and a long run in between. it’s an 8 week program and i used it towards the end of 2013 to great effect. i am hoping it will get me under 30 minutes at parkrun again soon, and hopefully heading back down towards the 25 minute mark.

i had one objective today, and that was to get up and head out for session 1 of week 1. i am happy to report that the objective was achieved.

here’s the proof from strava:

food and water has been a bit hit and miss, but one step at a time…

finally – just a quick update on my current / revised goals, these include:


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