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25 Oct 2016 – we are Australian


there’s not much else I can talk about today, because I am simultaneously excited, overawed, overwhelmed and pinching myself. later today I will be part of the athlete’s parade, at the welcoming ceremony of Perth 2016, World Masters Athletics Championships!

now yes I do know it’s not a qualifying event, and yes I know it’s “masters” rather than the Olympics or World Athletics Championships, however, and I am still fully processing this fact, it is an international athletics championship, attended by bona fide athletes, subject to international regulations (including the chance of being randomly selected for dope testing!)… and I will be marching out with the Australian team, proudly wearing the green and gold of my adopted country!

wow… just wow… i can’t wait to share this experience with everyone else taking part, and all the very best to the competitors, organisers, spectators and anyone else involved in this fantastic event being held on our doorstep here in Perth!


Food Diary for Oct 25th 2016 (Click to Open)


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