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28 Mar 2012: Lavondyss

Random song day – via a complex series of lookups and searches on a completely unrelated matter… How could I go past the “psychedelic trance” bit? Enjoy!


Time to bed (previous night): 21:30
Time got up (today): 04:00
Daily water intake: 2200ml
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 5
Night 5


04:00 – Multigrain cracker with vegemite, glass water.
04:30 – Gym (see details below)
05:30 – Bowl cereal with all-bran toppers. Glass orange juice
06:00 – Bus, meditate, snooze
07:00 – Long mac, muesli bar
09:30 – Morning walk then sliced banana, apple pie yoghurt, nuts and seeds
12:00 – Extended lunchtime walk then MYO sandwich (wholemeal bread, ham, beef, cheese and salad)
15:00 – Banana
15:15 – Bus, 15 minute nap
15:55 – 2.8km (ish) walk from Kian’s day care to Amherst Rd (Kian on my shoulders)
18:00 – Kangaroo, sprouts, carrots, corn on the cob
22:00 – Milk, bed


Repeat “Weights Day” – note weight changes on leg press, chest press, assisted chins, seated row

5 minutes bike warm-up – 2.211km
500m warm-up row – 2m 0s

Leg Press. 20 reps, rest 60 secs, 15 reps, rest 30 secs, 10 reps (17, 17, 17)
Chest Press. 20 reps, rest 60 secs, 15 reps, rest 30 secs, 10 reps (12, 11, 11)
Assisted chin ups. 10 reps, rest 60 secs, 10 reps, rest 60 secs, 10 reps (70kg, 70kg, 70kg)
Seated Row. 20 reps, rest 60 secs, 15 reps, rest 30 secs, 10 reps (45kg, 45kg, 45kg)

3 times through triceps, biceps and shoulder press:
10 Tricep pull-downs (rope) 35kg
10 Bicep curls (free weight) 20kg (total weight)
10 shoulder press (free weight) 20kg (total weight)

20 crunches, 20 ab twists, 20 bicycle legs
15 crunches, 15 ab twists, 15 bicycle legs
10 crunches, 10 ab twists, 10 bicycle legs



Woke at 2:30, intended to doze for a bit and get up at 3. Fell asleep and woke again at 4! Looking like I’m not supposed to do the riverside walk this week… Extended lunchtime walk will fix it.

In a weird coincidence – there was no bus heading our way from Kian’s day care, so we wound up walking most of the way home. Google Maps reckons it’s 2.8km (the same as estimated for the riverside walk I missed in the morning!)

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