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29 Nov 2012 – till i collapse

a late night on the computer could mean only one thing – late start to the day and no time for the outdoor session. which is just as well, considering we’ve got raging winds and torrential downpours at the moment (we’re finally having the winter weather we should have had a few months ago, except now it’s getting close to summer, so it should be much nicer lol).


Time got up (today): 05:00
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 3 (bit of a headache and sluggish feeling)
Lunch 4
Night 3


05:00 – bowl honey nut cornflakes, orange juice
05:55 – bus, nap
06:45 – skinny long mac
10:00 – morning walk, banana, yoghurt, dates, cranberries, almonds, walnuts
13:00 – lunchtime walk, salad bowl (beef, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, gherkin, beetroot, tomato, cheese, egg)
15:00- bus, nap
18:00 – nachos
22:00 – milk, bed


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