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a new dawn?

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. And I’m feeling good”

~ Nina Simone, Feeling Good

we have been here before, other false dawns, but this week feels different. time to start a new chapter. maybe the new moon at the start of the week helped create that vibe.

anyway, after looking like falling back into the current pattern of “parkrun, Sunday long run, bugger all Monday to Friday”, and allowing the cold weather to deter me yesterday, I finally got out the door this morning.

it was cold, i rugged up. it was 2.71km in almost 20 minutes. not much, but it was a significant start / restart.

I’m pacing 35 minutes at parkrun this Saturday, then a 12km relay leg at Perth Marathon on Sunday. Next week I’ll be making a slightly early start on my Australia Day 100k training.

Sometimes, you know, it’s ok to take your foot off the pedal. sometimes it’s what your mind and body need.

You just have to make sure you push the pedal down again, when the time is right.

For me, that time is now. Bring on the next chapter 😜

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