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breaking through

I struggled this morning, had one of those mental battles that I haven’t had for a while. a small army of potential excuses were lining up in my head, vying to be “the one” selected and used by me. wanting to be the reason I didn’t go to the gym…

you see, yesterday I got in a 5km run in the morning, a 5km walk at lunchtime, a total of 8km of running in the evening, and (due to the evening training) I was later than usual getting to bed.

so when I woke up, a little later than usual, it might have seemed “ok” to grab a few more minutes rest, skip the gym, and declare today another rest day…

this morning was a breakthrough

yes, I went down the gym. I did a relatively short session involving the rowing machine, push-ups and some stretching. this was a breakthrough!

not just for winning that mental battle, but because it is the first time I’ve been to the gym since my operation. and not only that, but it also puts my training back into the “full time” and “full on” baskets.

it broke me out of the “I’m still recovering”, “part-time training” thought-place, and brought me back to where I need to be; getting ready to run over 5400km next year…

little moments like these define your experience of life

yeah, sure, occasionally you get huge leaps forward, super-sized epiphanies, monumentally important events..

generally though, it is the little moments, small steps, tiny breakthroughs. each and every single one helping shape your life, building on one another and accumulating into a signifant set of changes.

the tiniest of decisions, should I train or sleep? do I pig out or show restraint? will I be social or get smashed?

do I want to be “successful” or not?

the choice, as always, is yours…




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