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feedback from the trainer

I’ve had some great feedback from Britt in relation to what I am eating, so I thought it would be useful to paste it into a blog entry for everyone’s benefit. Incidentally, the journal reflects actual food intake so of the options, it’s more likely that I am about to feel crappy. In any case I will be looking at this and making adjustments as necessary.

“You are starving your body with what you are posting as your meals, so I suspect one of 2 things is happening, 1) you are sticking to what I see there and possibly feeling or about to start feeling pretty crap. or 2) not eating enough is making you binge eat at certain times(late at night maybe) and it isnt making it into the journal.

Whichever it is that is ok! You will be relearning many things over the next few months and this will be the first one.

Your body has to have what it requires for basic survival (BMR= resting metabolism) plus an allowance for your daily activity.

Anything less than that and your brain gets a signal that you are possibly starving (caveman style) and your brain then sends out signals to your body to NOT process food through nutrient absorption, instead to convert it instantly to fat stores in case you are starving.

When you set off on your day with no fuel, you signal your brain to signal your body to store everything possible. Hense why a person can put on or maintain a high weight but not really be eating that much (as your diary suggests so far!)
A suggestion would be to add in some protein to what you are already having, scrambled or boiled egg if you are an egg eater, baked beans are good but they can add a lot of sodium to an entire day, salt reduced version is better if this is something you eat. Lean meat, fish, even a piece of cheese is ok if that is what does it for you.

So that would mean…perhaps a toasted cheese sandwich , some yogurt if you tolerate it, piece of fruit…..

Breakfast should be nice and fresh and enough to fuel a good start.

Oats are good, with frozen berries for more flavour, if you sweeten it use honey over any other sweetener only because it has health benefits that other sugars don

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