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in a world of painful happiness

arms, legs, chest, head, eyeballs. they all ached when I woke at 3 this morning. they still ache now come to think of it, and it’s almost 11 hours later…

it’s a good ache though, the ache of the morning-after-the-gym-workout-before. and yesterday’s was the most intense session for a long while.

the aching stopped for a while when I did a 30 minute “tempo” run. 10 minutes warm up jog, 15 minutes at “comfortably hard” pace, 5 minutes cooling down jog.

it went surprisingly well. 4.16km I covered in that half hour. the RunKeeper charts showing me that I held a pace of around 6:20 per km during the “comfortably hard” quarter hour. the first half actually being closer to 6 minutes (I even dipped below the 6 minute pace, briefly!)

importantly though, my pace was reasonably consistent for the whole 15 minute period – and my body knew it had been pushed a little further than it had been before!

that’s the pain sorted now what about that “happiness” thing?

actually, the tempo run itself was a cause for happiness, as was the consistency I managed to fluke.

the remainder (the bulk perhaps) of the happiness comes from a couple of different sources. firstly the latest interview/profile has gone down an absolute storm with the Facebook running community. no surprises there really, Nicole’s profile was always going to be a popular one!

secondly, and in many ways related to all the above, I’m happy because I have this vague hint of contentment drifting into the mix. a feeling of finally nailing that elusive “passion” thing. finding a combination of things that are individually rewarding – and pop off the scale when combined.

I’ve stumbled on something with the interviews/profiles. I’m loving the way people are allowing me to explore their stories, the way people are so generously sharing.

and I’m loving the impact that these stories have on those who read them.

story-telling is an ancient and noble thing. I am starting to think it is very much my calling…

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