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it’s different for everyone

we’ve just been having a discussion in our little Facebook “accountability” group, and talk moved on to something that I’ve been intending to start getting more into on the blog – mindset.

it seems that there’s always a trigger point of some kind

For what it’s worth, I reckon the right mindset comes after you get the lightbulb moment. Some event, some combination of events, something that’s said… something that will be different for everyone. Possibly a real low point, rock bottom.

Whatever it is, something flips the switch, an alarm goes off, or the lightbulb goes on.

Then and only then, you are ready.

I’ve had that with smoking, I’ve had that with fitness, and I’m currently processing the long-term impact that the marathon is having.

your mileage may vary

I’m going to put links up on this  site at some point; links to sites and resources that I personally have found useful.

what I would do though is encourage everyone and anyone to find the things that inspire them. Different people will present the same message in different ways – I’ve listened to and read loads of self-help type “gurus” and thought “meh, bunch of new age crap”.

But there are others who have made me go “aha – OK, now I get it”. Mostly these are more down to earth types – I guess that’s what works for me.

A lot of it APPEARS to be business stuff too, but when you get below the surface, it’s all the same… business, personal, health, fitness, even emotional and spiritual development – it’s all personal development really.

Watch this space – this is a direction I’m definitely heading LOL

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