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Jan 30 2012: Monday, Monday

Woke up about 3:15 this morning and deliberately went back to sleep. Getting up at 3:15 would have been silly! Woke again at 4:30 – perfect! At the first sound of me stirring, the dog came into the room just to make sure I was up and ready to take her for a walk lol.

Breakfast: Bowl of cereal with skim milk

Lunch: Chicken and Egg Salad (few thin slices of chicken, hard-boiled egg cut in 4, lettuce, onion, capsicum, cherry tomatoes). 1 large banana. Salad was bloody awful – too much lettuce padding it out.

After lunch: Sesame and nut bar

4:30pm: 2 fresh passion fruit, 2 freshly picked figs

Dinner: Healthy fish and chips, 1 slice bread and butter

Plain, filtered water: 2200ml (running total)
1 long macchiato, 2 sugars

Usual walk with dog, completed in 16m 18s
Altered journey to work – got on train instead of staying on the bus all the way into Perth. So walked across town to office instead of a few hundred metres.
Half hour walk around Perth at lunchtime looking for decent lunch options

Physical, Mood etc.:
Calf muscles were starting to ache by the end of the walk this morning, soon dissipated though. Not sure who is enjoying those walks more; me or Marble.
Still feeling very positive about things. Forgot to have a mid-morning snack yet didn’t feel hungry. Subsequently tried to find some good options for lunch in Perth, wound up more frustrated than anything else.
4pm headaches. Disappeared after eating fruit. Put it down to missing mid-morning snack and poor lunch.

Early start means I’m in the office at 7am, which will mean a nice early finish. Would be good to establish this as a regular thing. Will need to reorganise around the new daily schedule, which is a great opportunity to finally get a bit more organised on a few fronts.

Have concluded that there is no healthy lunch option around that is sufficiently convenient and reasonably priced. Where’s the healthy equivalent of Hungry Jacks or Maccas?


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