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Krissy Schintgen – Not Fast Just Fabulous

this week’s “shit-sorter” really did some serious sorting. a genuinely inspiring lady that I “bumped into” on Facebook and knew IMMEDIATELY that I had to share her story. absolute rock-solid, cast-iron proof that NOTHING can get in your way if you truly want it…

so let’s get started in the traditional way, can you tell the readers who you are, where you’re from and what you do?
krissy_notfastjustfabMy name’s Krissy Schintgen, I’m from Middleton, Wisconsin and I’m a host at “Applebees”

Thanks Krissy – now I know from reading your blog that you have an amazing story to tell, so would you mind sharing where the motivation came from and how it all started?

My motivation was my 8 year old daughter !

Last November Lily joined an after school program called Girls On The run. It’s a 10 week program where the coaches teach important life lessons and integrate the program with running. At the end of the program the Girls and their running buddies participate in a nationally known 5K (Girls On The Run 5K).

This program is amazing on so many different levels.

Well, last season, Lily’s running buddy had to be a coach because I wasn’t in any way shape or form able to run, with all my medical issues and pain, and my husband wasn’t sure if he’d be able to get off of work. All of the other girls got to run with their moms, but I couldn’t do that for Lily.

I couldn’t do that because I had suffered from two strokes. I was unable to feel the right side of my body (it will always be that way) and I sometimes needed a cane to walk, I was on heavy medications for pain and spasticity (shakiness in my arm and leg), and again for depression.

Deep down it was really hurtful to think I couldn’t do this one thing that meant so much to my daughter.

Then it started… on November 29th, 2012 at 9:37am I threw down my cane, stepped out of the front door and starting walking and very slowly jogging.

I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing, but there was NO way I’d miss my daughters next season.

that’s unbelievable – so once you got your head around what you were actually doing, what was your goal?

My original goal was to run the end of the season 5K with my daughter, which has since come and gone.

The next goal was to run my first 10K, I have far exceeded that goal as well and have raced in my 3rd 10 yesterday!

But the BIGGEST goal for me is to run my first Half Marathon November 10th!

amazing. so you’ve really embraced the running thing – how has it gone so far?

I started running November 29th, 2012 at 9:37am and to this day I have raced in 4 5K’s and 3 10K’s.

I ran my first ever consecutive 9 miles 2 weeks ago in under an hour.

I run 4 miles every Monday with my Run Club and also run three other days during the week.

I’d say is has gone amazingly!

yes, I’d certainly say so! what do you think have been your biggest challenges on this journey?

My biggest challenge is not listening to the voice in my head which for so long had told me that I am disabled and I can’t do it.

that’s completely and utterly understandable! now I’m sure there are many achievements you could choose from, but what would you consider to be the main one?

My biggest achievement is the feeling I get when I accomplish something that I never believed I could do.

Also, being a huge inspiration in my community and in the facebook community. I am a big advocate for stroke survivors and give them all a great sense of inspiration.

yes, you certainly do provide great inspiration and motivation for a lot of people – stroke survivors and otherwise. your story is a powerful one! so what would you say to people reading this and thinking of maybe creating change in their own lives?

Never compare yourself to other people, always try to be better than the person YOU were yesterday. Speed doesn’t matter, what matters is that you took the first step. A mile is still a mile whether you’re walking, jogging or running!

that’s awesome Krissy, absolutely agreed 100%. just one final thing – there’s so much more to your story than the little piece revealed here, so where can people find out more about your journey, and your charity work?

My Facebook page “Not Fast Just Fabulous”

And my Blog:

It’s really on my blog  where you can see and understand the whole picture, there’s the full story, news interviews and everything!

thanks once again, I look forward to continuing to follow your journey to the half-marathon and beyond. I’m sure the “no more mr fat guy” fans will get a lot from that as well!

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