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let the fires burn inside

deep inside you is a roaring fire

a scary thing happens when you start listening to your heart, many scary things in fact. you start finding yourself in places you never imagined, starting finding yourself outside of the comfort zone. you start finding yourself looking back and wondering “how on earth did i get HERE?”

it is all so very confusing. you will often think you’re going insane. or at the very least doubt yourself, question yourself and ponder the age old deception “who am I to…?”

getting to the point where you open up is just the beginning

it’ll seem like you worked so hard to get to a point. to the point where you recognise the real you. where you start letting yourself (your REAL self) be seen. you may have been on a journey of many years, or perhaps just a few months. however you got there, whatever the catalyst and mechanism, however it is that you started looking after YOU and giving value to yourself… however it happened, you will have a sense of shock, a sense of loss (of old self) and you will even be tempted to slip back to where you were before…

stay away from the dark, step into the light

the road backwards is so tempting, back there is (false) security, (numbing) comfort, and (deceptive) familiarity. back there is the identity and the mask you wore for so many years, decades in fact. back there things were simple, you just had to follow expectations, conform to a template. the expectations and the template that held you down and made you unhappy for so many long years.

you are moving forward now. you have have stepped out from behind that mask, but now the bright light of day is blinding you, making you squint and blink and struggle to see what this new world looks like. it is scary. the really scary thing is that you are your own person now. everything is up to YOU.

it’s not easy, it’s not meant to be easy

one of the things I consciously do here is to try and offer the balance of hope and reality. so many places on the web tell you all the positive quotes, all the techniques for attracting this and positive thinking the other… but, unless I have missed the pages that DO this, none of them really tell you how confronting and painful it can be, and why perhaps it has to be.

from pain and discomfort, comes growth, and that’s why emerging like a butterfly from its cocoon is a huge battle, a struggle, and a source of immense pain. growing pains. the pain is YOU experiencing GROWTH.

prepare to lose friendships, relationships, and even loss of interest in things you once devoted so much time to. as you change, as you become who you really are, your priorities will change too, what holds your attention may well be very different to before.

it really is worth it, I know firsthand

for me I figured it was just a weight loss and get fit campaign. but that initial desire, that initial flame, the fire that was burning inside of me, it had other ideas.

my job was to tap into it, to make the first move, to start chasing down the first marathon goal. after that, the fire started burning fiercer, taking on a life of its own almost, carrying me to where it wanted me to go. transforming me from the inside. real fundamental change. the kind of thing that some cultures and traditions might call a process of rebirth.

such deep fundamental change doesn’t come cheaply or easily. it is hard, it is harsh, it is painful and it will leave you feeling empty and shredded and sometimes hollow. if you can find the strength to let it burn, the rewards are immense. you find yourself, you become a more purified version of yourself. alchemy. the lead becomes gold.

so no, it’s not about weight loss, or running, it’s something far deeper

the simple act of getting healthier and fitter is a building block. investing in yourself and making time for yourself is a foundation that you will build on. the mental and physical health benefits are catalysts for everything else to come.

so yes, I fully endorse embracing an active lifestyle, and running (especially endurance running) is a tool that I endorse and advocate for. however, the reason for that is because I know, from personal experience, where that can lead. and it’s a lot more impressive than a finish line!

valuing yourself empowers you

start setting those goals, start devoting time to yourself, become fitter, healthier, more active. achieve the goals you set. little ones each day and week, larger ones over a month or several months. crossing start and finish lines of different runs and races.

discovering that you are capable of far more than you had allowed yourself to believe before.

and that’s when you start to think “what else is possible?”

that’s when you start to understand the sentiment behind so many positive and motivational messages.

that’s when you stat to become who you were meant to be.

it’s why am I am where I am now

didn’t seem like it for a while there. seemed like things were going downhill fast at some points to be honest. but the fire had to be allowed to take hold deeper than ever before, burn away some ancient demons, create pain in the heart and soul that would actually spark that underlying person into life.

as I posted the the other day on Facebook, every coach I have met has gone through a very similar pain or challenge that they are coaching their clients through. so it’s no surprise that a “wake up coach” would go through the pain and trauma of their own awakening process, is it?

I’m not talking enlightenment or nirvana or some other mystical state – I’m talking waking up to your own potential. waking up to the reality that YOU are the one who is in charge. you hold the pen that is writing the story of your life.

lifestyle reboot is more than habit change

it’s the fundamental building blocks and mindset shifters that enable you to start stoking your inner fire and passion. the program of habit changes that will ultimately lead you by the hand and place you firmly on the road you are meant to be travelling.

the more people that can find their feet on the right road in this way, then the better our world will be for that. awakened individuals, pursuing lives of heartfelt passion, following their heart, following their dreams and opening themselves up to others, authentically and lovingly.

if YOU can change your thinking then you can change your world, make your life amazing, and change the world around you too.

so let’s do it and  let’s do it right away!

contact me and I will tell you about the program,  coach you through the program, work with you non-stop until it clicks, and then be here for you to support you when the pain bites and things get tough.

is it time to wake up and stoke that fire? you bet!

mail me at or phone 0424 332 489

I want to work with you one to one, give you as much of me as I can. really get in and help you make the shift. so come with an open mind, an open heart, a desire to change, push through and let the fire burn and transform.

I can only give so much of myself for a handful of people. 4, 5 maximum at any one time. I cold easily cater for more, if I was willing to compromise on the intensity and focus I want to give everyone

This is where my personal pain, the fire burning everything in its path inside, has led me. To be a surge of support and advice for those of you going through what I did. in which case, helping you makes all that pain worthwhile.

are you ready to wake up to your potential? are you ready for the small steps that lead to great achievements? are you ready to make life amazing?

get in touch…

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