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london calling

well, what a day!

I woke up just after 4am, which meant I didn’t have time to run before heading into Perth and recording this week’s video prior to starting work.

So I grabbed my running gear, headed in on the bus, recorded the video and then did the run around the river. 1km repeats are so much more enjoyable alongside a picturesque river, as opposed to running up and down the same stretch of suburban street 8 times LOL.

It was a warm and (at times) windy one, and it was good to see Aimee of Slow Little Runner out on a run with her friend. I was in the middle of a 1km repeat at the time so I grunted a “good morning” and carried on my way!

Today’s session was 8 x 1km at 6:00 pace – it went up to and above 6 mins at times, but a lot of the time I noticed I was down around 5:40, sometimes even 5:30!

I know I gave my all across the session, because I ended the whole thing happy to have just completed the 8th and final repeat and then could only manage a walk back to the office!

Nowhere near as horrid as the 5:00 pace repeats on Tuesday, but hard work that left me hot, sweaty and feeling BRILLIANT*!

*after recovering, stretching, showering, eating a protein bar and swigging some nice cold fresh water



the morning then got even more exciting, with a phone call from Isabel at Inspired Adventures – confirming that payment had been taken for my registration fee, and welcoming me to the Heart Foundation team for London Marathon 2014!!!

this was followed by a coffee with fellow Rogue Runner, Jason Nelson, to discuss various things including ideas for fundraising.

what a day – and London (marathon) is definitely now calling 🙂


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featured image courtesy Mukumbura

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