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monday monday

so today is monday, and today is the first day of this new era/chapter/phase/cycle/etc…

the start of a 30 week training program (extended to 32 weeks, by doing weeks 1 and 2 twice each, because I am impatient lol), and a day where a few things have been noted, to clearly mark the state of play at the beginning.

i’m 129.4kg, 24.8% body fat, and pretty mush where I knew I was. about the same as when I ran Perth marathon in 2013 I think. the downtime of the past few months or so have  taken their toll, my cardio fitness isn’t there, my hydration is terrible, and food is pretty average.

mentally I’m back in the game, and what’s more, I know this body is capable of so much more than I ever believed before. by the time I line up for Australia Day Ultra 100km in January, I will be the leanest, fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been. I will also be capable of running 100km within cut-off.

tomorrow is day 2. a 2km run is on the plan. I will also put the focus back on hydration and get back to the 2-3 litres of water per day intake! one step at a time…

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