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new beginnings

it’s funny how things come together and work out; just the other day I was talking about how this amazing adventure started five years ago, and prior to that, talking about how triathlon training, and ultimately completing a triathlon, was part of the next phase.

well, training starts tomorrow, with session 1 of the Perth Triathlon Club’s novice course. It feels a lot like when I started on this journey, and in line with that I will be endeavouring to journal and keep a vlog to track training, progress and experiences along the way.

my immediate goals are to lose weight, gain fitness, increase running pace and chase a PB at Gold Coast Marathon. after a week’s rest following Australia Day Ultra, it’s time to get back in the saddle (literally in some ways), set the navigation controls to leave the comfort zone, and head out on the next stage of this journey.

tomorrow is day one, and I am excited!


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