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“pre-season” week 2 review

so we are now 2 weeks in and things are really starting to fall into place, and issues making themselves abundantly clear.

weekend journaling and water intake – these are the issues that need addressing. the problem really is the way things are structured differently from week days. this actually is likely to be a problem for any day that varies from the usual working day.

do I have a solution? not at this point in time, but I will be working on it this week…

apart from that, things have gone really well this week. the habit of going for walks has really started to re-establish itself, despite unhelpful weather conditions, I have managed to exceed my weekly walking distance goal of 35km – going past that mark with a 10km walk this morning (the furthest I have walked since the operation).

the big news this week relates to weight; first of all I was concerned that my weight was in danger of skyrocketing due to a lack of running etc. ok, so I knew it wasn’t really, but I was still worried.

secondly though, I wanted to start monitoring things again, including things like body fat percentage, as opposed to just going by a number of kgs (which I have discovered before does not give the full picture of progress). so I found and bought a set of scales, which will be used for each weigh-in, so any inaccuracies will at least be consistent ones 🙂

this fits in with the whole #LifestyleReboot effort, as weekly weigh-ins, with body fat percentage, were a big part of my initial effort to lose weight and get fit.

it will also give me sharp focus on a long-standing goal of mine – to drop below 100kg.

so here are the initial stats:

weight: 112.9kg – a pleasant surprise, only 1kg or so gained in 4 weeks

body fat %: 20.4 – which is quite good – wouldn’t mind seeing that move slowly towards 15 (yeah, big goal!)

hydration %: 54.7 – which again is quite good I believe

bone %: 13

muscle %: 41.1

daily calorie intake: 3594 – seems high, even for maintenance…

(according to an article on – a lean man is approximately 15% fat, 45% muscle, 15% bone – so I’m on track at least!)

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