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today i ran with australian distance running legend, Steve Moneghetti. as many others have quipped, i won’t mention the fact that this is only true in as much as we ran on the same course!

the course in question was the perth marathon – i ran the 10km third leg for the “hearts across australia” team, consisting of Kerryn, Melissa, yours truly, and Jacques. together we achieved a total time of 4:29, which was a great outcome. Mel and Kerryn are still in recovery mode after London, Jacques hasn’t run too much lately because of illness, and my training has been hit and miss too.

which brings me to an important point – today was the third anniversary (not to the exact date though) of my first ever marathon, the one that kick started so much more than i ever expected. the one that started a brand new volume in the book collection that is my life story.

fittingly, today has a bit of a new chapter feel to it as well. the event itself was fantastic, with so many friends floating around the place; marathon runners, relay runners, volunteers and supporters. the parkrun effect, a sense of community, a sense of belonging and of acceptance.

it was so good to see first time marathoners out there joining “club M”, gritty efforts from the back of the pack AND the front and middle too… so many reminders of the morning i dared to cross the very same start line, and then crossed the finish line 6 hours and 47 minutes later.

as i have discussed recently, there’s been a lull in recent times, a bit of a slump, a rut even. well it’s over now, and today was the ceremonial opening of the next phase.

training will be stuck to closely, nutrition will be worked on relentlessly, and the goal of running 100km inside cut off time will be kept ever present.

the key part of this is the program. with a program and schedule in place, i know everything else will follow. there is a basic framework from which everything can be hung and, after all, if i make so much effort to stick to the training, psychologically i start making decisions that support the training and not work against it.

this is how i was able to quit smoking, train and make better food choices originally; the goal and the plan make it easy to make complementary choices in other areas.

january 21st 2017, midnight start, australind, 100km

come along for the ride and watch it all unfold!

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