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shit just got a little more real

I just got a new training schedule from Britt. I got it because I was trying to put together a training plan that would lead up to running a marathon, taking in a half marathon along the way.

the program is ostensibly for 20 weeks, having been based loosely on this training schedule

in the program below, medium and long run distances to be based on the thursday and saturday distances. the long row distance will probably vary between 10km and 1hour.

having sat down and worked out exactly how many weeks there are between now and 1th June (Perth Marathon) – I actually need to treat this week as week 2

Also, the Joondalup half-marathon falls 4 weeks prior to the Perth marathon, so it will effectively be the long Sunday run on week 16.

Sunday will be interesting – a friend’s bucks party is an all-day event on Saturday. Still, at least it’s only a 5 mile run…

in for a penny….

here’s the new program for the next 20 weeks (ish)

1000m Row – 20 each of: push ups, assisted chin ups, lat pull down
800m Row – 20 each of chest press, tricep rope, bicep curls, shoulder press
600m Row – 20 each of push ups, assisted chins, lat pull down
400m Row – 20 each of chest press, tricep rope, bicep curls, shoulder press
200m Row – 20 each of crunches, twists, leg extensions. plank hold
1000m row for warm up. 20 each squats, lunges, calf raises
500m row – 20 each of leg press, leg extension, leg curl
500m row- 20 each of squats, lunges, calf raises
200m row – 20 each of crunches, ab twists, leg extensions. plank hold
Wednesday: long row
Thursday: Rest
Friday: medium run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: long run

One response to “shit just got a little more real”

  1. gazza says:

    so the first long row day of the new regime – and I did a half marathon in just under 2 hours.

    probably will do friday’s run tomorrow, rest friday, long run saturday, recover from hangover sunday

    that probably works for the best!

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