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time for a reboot

I knew it would happen, that the finish line in Brisbane would actually be yet another start line. it’s how it works, how it has always worked ever since that first marathon; each milestone marking the end of a chapter and the start of a new one, an ongoing process, a never-ending journey.

but somehow this start line, this chapter, is scarier than ever. more at stake, more people aware of my intentions, and goals that aren’t “just” to simply finish a particular race in a certain amount of time. goals that are a little more complicated than simply walking and running a very long way…

life-changing decisions

I’ve long held the belief that I’m supposed to do more with my life than work 9 to 5 in a job that I tolerate, and occasionally enjoy. have long had an inner desire to “have an impact” and to create a better world. and that’s really where the “no more mr fat guy” journey was always headed I think; first of all get a good foundation of fitness and health, then build on that, taking the passion and energy that was found along the way, and putting it to good use.

and taking 4 months out to cross Australia on foot, taking voluntary redundancy to do it, and having all that time to mentally and physically detach from that 9-to-5 reality, has put me in exactly the right place to realise I now have a choice; blue pill or red pill, comfort zone or really living. reality is I always had that choice, and undertaking my 4 month adventure was a step in the direction of dreams, but now there really is a call for a leap of faith.

a tale of two mentors

a networking breakfast this morning brought things to a bit of a head. two conversations that really do shine the light on the path that wants to be walked upon.

firstly a long-awaited conversation with Kelly Sayers of BetterLife Bookstore that, where I pretty much discovered that not only does Kelly coach, mentor and advise on building exactly the type of speaking, writing and mentoring platform that I have in mind, but she is also very excited and inspired by my story and the potential it has.

to cut a long story short, I will be working closely with Kelly to bring a few book ideas into reality, and to develop what was once a “get fit” campaign into a national, and perhaps international, speaking, writing, running and mentoring lifestyle.

to say that I am excited is very very very understated!


but there was more!

my second conversation this morning was with Margie Bryant, a long-standing supporter and ally, whose personal mission is to help people live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives.

we talked about somer very practical steps, focused on my desire to reset my eating habits, provide good fuel for my marathon training, and also take the next step in my physical transformation; working towards a leaner, lighter, more athletic body, which will enable me to reach a number of running goals, including a sub-5 hour marathon.

our conversation then went several steps further, again looking at the potential for story-telling, inspiring, having an impact and creating a life rather than just drifting through life.

the conclusion reached is that from this coming Monday, I will be following the USANA “Reset” process, starting with a 5 day period of using the supplements I already take, including protein shakes, and eating good healthy low GI food, then proceeding through the “Transform” stage. my goal is to reboot my eating habits, to adopt the fuelling mindset of an athlete, and for my body to change to reflect that. as always, I will be journaling everything 🙂

after 4 months on the road, with my eating habits spiralling out of control, the timing is perfect, however it is also going to require as much effort and discipline as the original changes I made at the start of 2012.

it is all really one big goal

this is the overall aim; a lifestyle that incorporates running, walking and active living, inspiring others to do the same and to then reach for other goals, doing good in the word through charitable acts (“hearts across australia”) and also making money to pay bills, finance HAA and have the freedom to create a properly fulfilling life.

the perfect combination where work, play and life mission are, to all intents and purposes, one and the same.

and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?


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