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week zero, day one

“What is Week Zero?”, I hear you ask… Well, basically it’s me making a start on the next chapter/phase/era before making a start on the next chapter/phase/era 🙂

Not quite a preparation week, and yeat also not quite a “fully into the swing of things” week either. In particular I am still getting my head around nutrition, meal planning etc, but I don’t want that to become a delay or bottleneck. So I am drawing a line in the sand, and with the caveat that some details are still being worked on, this is it, the start of the journey to Ironman and the accompanying changes to my life in general!

Starting Line

Right now I am 129.5kg, with body fat showing as 24.5% – this is based on measurements I took before breakfast on Saturday morning. The main areas of focus vary wildly in how “good” or “bad” they are:

training – pretty much sorted. currently focused on the Perth Triathlon Club novice course, then a shift back to marathon training for Gold Coast Marathon. David Alley will be my coach for that, and I will also be discussing my longer term goals with him

hydration – back on track again in recent weeks, with a couple of litres a day of fresh, plain water being consumed, coffee being limited to 2 cups per day, and all other drinks being cut out again (I had started having the occasional energy drink again, and was regularly drinking sweetened iced tea)

nutrition – the biggest area needing work, and to be honest this has been the case for over a year now and I am finally getting onto it! I had a very productive and informative discussion with Megan Hardy of Hardy Nutrition on Saturday, and I am currently using her advice to create a meal plan that fits my busy schedule.

sleep and routines – I have put these two together because in getting organised, and having clearly defined routines, getting to bed on time and having enough sleep becomes a lot easier to attain. Currently this area is the second weakest and I am not getting enough sleep for sure.

mindset – the single most important component for pretty much anything, and happy to say that despite an interesting, sometimes difficult, 18 months, the positive mindset is there, is stronger than ever, and with the renewed focus I feel fired up and ready to go!

Get Set, Go!

Today I have a novice course running session lined up after work, and also plan to make much more sensible choices for lunch and snacks. In fact I brought a banana and yoghurt with me to provide healthy snack options!

I’ll journal the training and eating in tomorrow’s blog post – i.e. those details will be a day behind – the reason being that it will take less time to simply journal once per day, and I would prefer that to happen in the mornings rather than the evening…

More exciting times are ahead and I can’t wait to see what they bring 🙂

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