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20 kilos in 20 weeks weight loss challenge

having spent a good few months hovering around the 119kg mark, i’ve decided it’s time to put some focus on diet for a bit.

while there have been significant improvement in areas like body fat percentage, i really need to concentrate on dropping a few more kilos:

things got a bit sloppy

reality is that i now have the sure knowledge that i will have no issue maintaining a weight, however i have definitely eased off lately and become a little more “forgiving” of what i am eating. once again it really is lunches that have been the biggest issue, but there are other areas that need pulling back a little too.

action plan

now the warmer weather has arrived i’ve made a conscious switch back to eating salads for lunch – pretty much getting back to where i was earlier this year, making good lunch choices and focusing on having plenty of salad with lean meats, no dressings and little or no bread.

a decent salad bowl is actually quite filling, even without bread, which should help in the other main area that needs controlling; snacking.

my snacks have been healthy – generally nuts and dried fruit – but there’s been a tendency to nibble a little too frequently. with relatively high fat content, eating nuts is good, but only in moderation.

as well as eating a decent sized salad bowl for lunch, another strategy to help reduce snacking is to consciously drink plenty of water. my water consumption has been consistently good throughout this process, however i do get days where i maybe drink not quite enough. in any case, being more strategic with my water consumption should help manage hunger and the “need” to snack.

a new goal

to help ensure that this becomes a sustained effort to drive the weight down, i’ve set myself a goal of dropping 20 kilos in 20 weeks. that’s an average of a kilo per week, which is in the middle of the sustainable, healthy weight loss range.

that should put me at my target weight around the middle of april 2013 – obviously there’s a small issue of christmas in the middle, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

so… i plan to note my weight consistently, every wednesday morning, just before i do my rowing session.

as of 4am ish today (wed 21st november) i weighed in at 119.1kg

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  1. Following says:

    Hey 🙂 You’re doing a great job! I can tell you from experience another eating anomaly that you may not have considered which could be hindering your progress. Don’t eat ANYTHING past 5 or 6pm. The overnight fasting period is so necessary for the body and eating after this time hinders weight loss efforts xx. Sounds like you’re eating well so this could be something small you could do for some big results x

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